Happy New Year from us all at Okappy!

The last couple of years have been difficult for a lot of our customers. But with the Covid endgame appearing to be in sight, at least for our UK customers, we are optimistic. January is an ideal time to pause, reflect and plan for the year ahead. Check out our latest blog posts to provide inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions.

Over the Christmas period we’ve been concentrating on larger features including enhanced Android locations, changes to our infrastructure and improvements to the template builder. Read on for more information.

We’ve also updated our website with more information on all of the features which Okappy offers. Check out https://www.okappy.com/features for details.

Growing Your Business with Okappy Portal+

January is a good time to take a step back. Pause, reflect and start the new year with a fresh slate and new goals.

Check out our latest blog article for three News Years Resolutions which you can implement today.

4 realities business leaders face

Increasing productivity is an aspiration for many companies and individuals, but it can come in the way of work life balance. Although hard to achieve; high productivity whilst maintaining a good work life balance is possible.

Check out our latest article – 4 keys to unlock workplace productivity.

Okappy Blog Customer Service 1500x1000

Business growth depends on a lot of things – the quality of the product or service you offer, the pricing, how you set yourself apart from the competition and the market you’re selling to.

One critical area that you need to get right in this age of modern commerce is the sort of customer service your company is offering.

Check out 5 Tips for Achieving Business Growth Through Excellent Customer Service.

Useful New Features

Android update

Another big update to our Android app this month enabling devices to send their location in the background. This is something we have been working on for a while and should make a big difference to how locations are captured.

Android locations

okappy.com <–> ok-appy.com

Some of our customers noticed a difference in performance between https://www.ok-appy.com and https://www.okappy.com. If you’re ISP is slow and you want to automatically log in to the new url, let us know.

New Okappy URL

Template builder

We continue to improve our unique job template builder. It’s now even easier to use and we’ve included more examples which you can use as a base for your new templates.

Infinitely configurable templates

Don’t forget, see all the latest web updates by clicking your Profile icon at the top right of the screen and then selecting Latest updates. iOS and Android updates are available from the Okappy icon, then select More.

Top of the forum this month!

Q: “Jobs appear to be getting archived for no reason?”
A: “I can see that the examples you provided were archived by members of your team. You can get the system to ask for confirmation before archiving (or deleting) jobs from
Settings > Company settings > Confirmation settings.

More questions and answers are available at: https://forum.okappy.com/forum/

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