Use the split view for Okappy on your iPad and do two things at once! If you use the iPad version of the app, read on to find out how you can use Okappy to multitask and streamline your work!

What does the split view do? 

You can now choose to split the view on your iPad screen so you can use Okappy alongside other applications. You can have the two apps side by side or one hovering over the other. The split screen feature on iPad allows you to open Okappy while another application is open or vice versa.

The split and popover view on iPad (can look at our app, email and or safari at the same time to make working a breeze).

What does this look like in practice? 

This means that while you are using another application you can open Okappy on one side briefly to check something, or leave it open to follow the status of a job.

When you get an alert for a new job that’s just come in, you can open Okappy to check the job details without closing what you were already doing.

This also means that you can keep Okappy open while quickly checking something else, such as an email, messaging service or chat app.

So for example you could…

  • Look up some prices on one side, while referencing the job requirements in Okappy on the other side
  • Check your calendar while considering accepting a job 
  • Or, check your Okappy schedule while considering an invitation from a friend

How does it actually work?

We made the Okappy interface more dynamic so it works in almost any size or shape your device needs it in.

This means it can fill the screen when you need to focus on your job schedule or sit beside another application, such as your customers web page, an email from your office or a map giving you directions to the site. 

Any other cool tips or tricks?

This change means that Okappy works in any orientation on any iOS device.

iPhones don’t support split screen, but you can now use Okappy in landscape on your iPhone or portrait on your iPad.

How can you use this feature to make your working life easier?

It’s a way of doing 2 things at once – like magic (but, not quite)! Have a read of this article on apple to find out more about how to use it. 

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