How Clear Communication Can Unlock New Opportunities In Your Business – And Beyond - Featured in Insights For Professionals

Transparency, collaboration and clear communication are critical for businesses today – and having an appreciation of context is one of the most important motivational factors there is. So how can clear communication be a gateway?

In many ways, this is just common sense – if staff feel no connection with their co-workers, or have no idea why managers make decisions, then their enthusiasm and commitment will rapidly drain away.

Clear channels of communication are critical for survival. Staff should understand their responsibilities; how their performance is being measured; and how their work fits within the broader objectives of the organization.

The value of this is illustrated by an exchange between JFK and a janitor at a NASA space center in 1962. The president asked the man what he was doing. He replied,

"Well, Mr. President, I'm helping put a man on the moon."

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