The last few months have been challenging for many of us. It’s more important than ever to take care of your body and mind at this time. Here are some health and wellness tips for you and your workforce. 

Self isolating, social distancing and working from home may have left you bored, frustrated or lonely. You may have experienced periods of feeling low, worried or concerned about your finances, health or people you know – these are completely normal to feel under these circumstances. 

It’s important to accept that everyone reacts in their own way to the current situation, and, for most of us , these feelings will pass. Here are some health and wellness tips from us at Okappy for you and your workforce. 

Support your workforce 

Many people are worried about work and money as many businesses face a great deal of uncertainty. It’s important to take extra care of the people in your organisation during this time. 

The UK Government website has published it’s coronavirus guidance for employees,

including information on the details of Statutory Sick Pay and other things employers may be able to do to help. Acas (the Advisory, Conciliatory and Arbitration Service) also has information about coronavirus for employers and employees, including guidance on sick pay and taking time off to look after a child or other dependent.

If you are an employer or involved in running a business, you may find this coronavirus guidance helpful:

There is also information about what support is available f