As an Electrical contractor or Electrician, it’s often hard finding time to review the latest technology that is available to you. However, it is worth trying to take a moment as there has never been more websites or applications available that have been created to make your job easier! They can help save you money and time, and help you run your business more efficiently. There are tons of apps out there so we’ve done some of the hard work for you and have whittled down some of the best applications that we believe could make a real difference to your business.

1) File Sharing Sites

There are a number of file sharing sites available that you can use from your desktop or mobile, allowing you to easily share documents with different users. Creating a central place for job sheets for example, allows anyone from an administrator to a field working electrician, to get access to their jobs on the go. Google Drive and Dropbox are a couple of great options that allow you to create an online filing system of your own, with the ability to grant access to your files to multiple users, saving you from having to send out individual emails to each employee.

2) Route Planning Software

There are a number of websites which can help you save money on fuel by helping you plan your routes more effectively. Many also include live traffic conditions. Google Maps is the most well-known, and allows you to see in real-time where traffic hotspots are and suggests alternative routes which you can take.
Waze is another app you can consider, and is in some ways more intuitive. It is available on all devices and is essentially a community of drivers! Users regularly update the app to warn others of congestion or road closures, and to find the cheapest petrol station en-route. and AppyParking are another couple of handy apps which can help you save money on petrol costs. AppyParking, as the name suggests also shows you where you can park your vehicle.
Many drivers get fined for going into the London Congestion Charging Zone and either not realising it or simply forgetting to pay. This can often hit businesses. There are a couple of apps available which help you check whether you are in the London Congestion Zone or London Low Emission zone and pay the charge from the app. For more information check out the No congestion charge fines website.

3) Job Management Software

Job management software can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your business. Okappy allows you to manage jobs with ease and send them to your employees or subcontractors. Your field workers can get access to them easily on their mobile phones, ensuring the office is immediately updated about the status of each job.
Invoicing is also much easier as invoices can be raised via the system. Okappy links with many accounting software applications, so information can be transferred easily, removing the need for duplicate data input.
The radar screen within Okappy lets you track your company vehicles to help you monitor your lone workers who may be working in isolated and potentially dangerous locations, as well as save on fuel costs through better routing and highlighting road traffic conditions.

4) Certificate Software

Certificate software can save you the time spent writing out certificates by automating the process. EasyCert allows you to print your electrical certificates on to plain or company letterhead and give your client a more professional impression of your business. It can also save your team time. Clik offers its NICEIC Certification Software, which can be downloaded on to mobile devices, and completed by all parties digitally before being emailed to the customer, removing the need for any paper.

5) Accounting Software

You’ll find there are many accounting software applications available all offering different benefits. Xero is a cloud based accounting package, allowing you and your team to use the software from any site. Invoices can be sent quickly and easily, you can check your cashflow in real-time, and your team can submit hours and expenses quickly and easily, reducing the need for extra paperwork.

6) Estimating Tools

There are a number of estimating tools available to help you make sure you’re charging the right price. Electrika offers a free piece of software to help you cost supplies quickly and easily, as well as complete a simple estimation. BestBid is a more advanced piece of software, giving you full control of every feature, so you can tailor it to the exact requirements of your business, and give an efficient and accurate quote.
There is lots of software available nowadays that's neither complicated to use nor difficult to install. We hope this short review helps you navigate the world of software and get more out of your business!
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