Join Okappy at the London Business School (LBS) China Business Forum. May 20th, 2017 at The Merchant Taylors’ Hall, 30 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8JB.

The LBS China Business Forum (CBF) is one of the largest student led, China-focused forums in Europe. It attracted 300+ audiences in 2016, over 80% of whom were from professional communities outside of LBS.
Distinguished past speakers include Mr. WANG Shi (Founder of Vanke) and Mr. KWAN Savio (former President and COO of Alibaba).
Initiated in 2012, CBF is a one-day event with thought-leaders from business, politics and academia from both China and UK.  It offer participants opportunities to LEARN, DEBATE and NETWORK with both Chinese and world leaders.
The 2017 LBS China Business Forum has a strong focus on innovation and its strategic importance in driving growth and collaboration between China and UK. For the first time, CBF will feature a special Tech Demo to allow forum attendees to touch and feel tangible innovative products and have face-to-face interactions with  start-ups at all stages.
Okappy will be showing off its market network and inviting delegates to compete for prizes and the recognition of being the “fastest finger in London”.

Okappy’s ‘Fastest Fingers’ competition

We ran a competition at the event. It was supposed to be like those famous horse vs people competitions where we pitch our job management network against the best that paperwork can throw at us.  Unfortunately no one wanted to actually write their information on paper jobs sheets which I guess is testament to the ease of use of the Okappy app on mobile devices compares to having to pick out a pen and write our your answers.
It was a good example of our technology with live scores being instantly updated on the Okappy job management dashboard and available for everyone to see.
Okappy - China Business Forum Leaderboard
The final results are shown the table below.  Each “contestant” received the chance of an Okappy branded cupcake although as the demo was held after lunch, take up was not as great as expected. 😉

Name Job sheet format Time
Richard iPad 64 seconds
Donald iPad 1 minute 20 seconds
Potential Investor iPad 1 minute 40 seconds
Linda iPad 1 minute 54 seconds
Xihao iPad 2 minutes 20 seconds
Howard iPad 2 minutes 30 seconds
Lena iPad 3 minutes
Nadeem iPad 3 minutes