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Inefficiencies that constrain small plumbing companies can be eliminated with the use of job management software, according to project management company Okappy.

Gerry So, the company’s finance director, says automating the cycle of jobs for engineers can be beneficial because it reduces the time taken to chase incomplete job sheets or invoices, while increasing visibility for the user.

Using the software’s desktop site or mobile application to create a job task and allocate it to an engineer or subcontractor starts the process, sending an automatic job alert to the selected employee.
The engineer or subcontractor then updates the job status onsite using a mobile phone, filling in check sheets or extra job details, attaching photos and obtaining a customer’s signature for acknowledging completed work as the job progresses. Job status can be tracked via the software.

Once complete, an invoice can be raised, with the user given the option of exporting it to accounting software such as Sage or Xero.

In addition to removing the need to email and print off check sheets or invoices at either end of the chain, a manager’s visibility of their workforce is improved to the point where it is unnecessary to repeatedly telephone to check on worker progress or request documents.

One key feature of this job management software is the ability to manage jobs that have been allocated to subcontractors outside the company.

The software also enables users to customise how features are displayed according to their individual needs, and save this setup as a template to reuse. The company says this could be used to create a unique check sheet or a uniform customer feedback questionnaire.

“A lot of the feedback we got was around the problems plumbers face with missing phonecalls, filling in paperwork, admin and invoicing. Using software like Okappy will remove these unnecessary headaches,” Ms So said.

“As a business owner, it doesn’t matter if you are on site, in the office or at home, you can monitor your business from any location.”
Graham Warby, managing director of EPR Response said "Monitoring the exception rather than having to watch every job is a godsend. It means we can take on more work in more areas and really grow our business."

Okappy Job Management Software is available on iOS operating systems from the Apple App Store, or registration is possible via Fourteen days of free usage is offered before customers opt-in to a monthly plan for continued use.

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