Okappy's job sheet software is designed to help communication between company owners and their field employees, as well as subcontractors working in different locations.

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The software is often cloud-based, so data is accessible by multiple parties, through mobile apps and desktops. Team members can post immediately when they have updates, eliminating the need for multiple phone calls and unnecessary meetings. Managers can see how their jobs are progressing in real-time, and can manage staff members and subcontractors effectively.

The software allows signatures from operatives or customers to be recorded, and images (such as before and after) to be uploaded. It saves paperwork from having to be completed on-site. Jobs can be authorised quickly - and invoices sent out straight away.

Ideal for Drainage Companies

Organisations across many different industries have embraced job sheet software to help manage their day-to-day work. Electrical contractors, plumbers and maintenance professionals have been early adopters, and drainage companies are now starting to sign up, as they face similar challenges with communication and administration.

Electronic job sheets are helping the most forward-looking companies increase capacity and efficiency, helping them differentiate their service from their competitors. They are especially good at encouraging and supporting growth for companies that are expanding, but almost any drainage company can benefit from them.

The Benefits

Improved administration

Job sheets can be completed in the field and submitted without having to be passed back to the office first. Time is saved allocating jobs, chasing incomplete work sheets, sending invoices and receiving payments, leaving managers and employees free to concentrate on what they do best, rather than getting bogged down in paperwork.

Improved communication

There is less reliance on email or phone calls. It’s easy to send jobs to employees and sub-contractors, and receive job requests from customers. The system can be customised with features such as messaging to help you get in touch more quickly. It can improve relationships, teamwork and performance.

Job tracking

Contractors and engineers can update their job status on site using a mobile phone. They can complete check sheets, fill in extra job details and even attach photos of the work or client signatures for approving completed work. They can even log their hours and overtime. All the relevant parties can see the real-time status of a job at a glance, wherever they are. And job sheet management software often includes GPS, enabling the tracking of company vehicles.

Streamlined invoicing

Managing cashflow is key for any company. Job sheet software links jobs to invoices, so they can be raised and sent out as soon as a job is complete - ensuring information is fresh in everybody’s mind and reducing the risk of dispute. Monitoring and chasing outstanding invoices is also easier. View at a glance any overdue amounts, set simple reminders to chase these, and even send follow-ups to customers. The system will even bring up a message when creating new jobs to alert you to a customer who hasn’t paid. You can also export your invoice information to other accounting software such as Xero and Sage.

Company reputation

Often the little things that you do have the most impact. Communicating through job management software and sending electronic invoices through a dedicated system is professional and efficient, giving customers confidence in your company.

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