Many owners of small to medium sized companies, like yourself, wear multiple hats in their jobs. Jobs range from being on the ground with their guys doing installation or maintenance work (the part they enjoy and good at!) to sitting in the office or at home in the evenings or weekends with a pile of paperwork, returned job sheets and raising invoices (all owners’ dreading nightmare!)
Running a business is not as painful as it seems provided you have the right tool. Below are just some of the benefits that a job management software can bring you and take over the tasks that you are dreading about.

What are the benefits?

1. Real-time update of job status

Having the ability to view the status and details of each job from anywhere at anytime, enables you as an owner to know exactly what’s going on with your employees and business as a whole. No more chasing phone calls, no more frustration!

2. Raise invoice as soon as the job is completed

With real-time update of job completion, you can raise an invoice straightaway without having to wait for job sheets to come back to the office. The sooner you raise the invoice, the sooner you get paid! The sooner you get paid, the better your cashflow, in return giving you the opportunity to invest back into your business.

3. Less chance of disputes or forgotten information

While on site, your engineers can update the job details, attach pictures before and after, fill in all your required check sheets and finally get the client to sign for confirmation. No more reminders and no more forgotten information. Happy engineers, happy customers and happy you!

4. Time saving

Having all information stored in one system, you can access and retrieve information within seconds from anywhere at anytime. It’s simple, you can action tasks and transfer data with just a click of button. No more going through files after files nor digging through piles of paper to find that piece of information. No more copying and pasting data from one system to another.

5. Saves you Real Money

No more missed and forgotten invoices. Save money from postage, printing, servicing and even rent as you won’t need all that space for your files! The time saved on doing admin and filling in job sheets by each of your engineers, can be better spent on doing an extra job which generates revenue.

6. Extras

Software like Okappy gives you the additional benefit of connecting to your customers or subcontractors. Removing the need to email or print and send off job sheets or invoices at either end of the chain, they can simply log onto the network and have visibility of their own jobs.
Also you can customize how features are displayed according to your needs. You can upload your own check sheet or even customer feedback form. Produce reporting based on the search criteria with just a few clicks. These are all essential and right tools for running a well-managed business.

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