When you’re running a business and have contractors across different sites, it can be really tricky to keep everything under control. Monitoring performance and ensuring your end customer gets an excellent level of service takes a lot of organisation. We might be a little biased, but we believe Okappy is the best job management software around – here are 7 ways it can really make your life easier:

1) Improve Communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get in touch with your tradespeople, wondering if and when jobs are getting done. With Okappy you can easily add jobs from the web or app for your employees or sub-contractors, or even receive job requests from your own customers. Communication between you and your employees and customers will be vastly improved, as you can see the status of jobs in real-time, enabling you to provide updates, and also know when your team have free time. The messaging function within Okappy allows you to send quick messages back and forth, so you can get in touch quickly and easily, improving relationships with your staff.

2) Improve Administration

Job management software can really help to cut back on paperwork, as job sheets can be completed out in the field, and submitted in minutes without the need for any administration. Invoices can also be sent quickly and easily via the app or email, again without the need for any paperwork. You can also see at a glance where invoices are outstanding, meaning you no longer need to sift through a mountain of paperwork to find out who owes what!

3) Improve Efficiency

Using tracking software within the app, known as Radar, you can easily see where your remote workers are, how long each job has taken and the route taken between jobs. This can be great for improving efficiency as you can see the length of time each route takes, as well as being able to receive alerts when a remote worker enters and leaves a certain area. You can see at a glance where time and money can be saved, enabling you to run your business more efficiently.

4) Improve Finances

Chasing outstanding invoices can be one of the trickiest and most time-consuming parts of the job! Improve the cashflow of your business with job management software, by being able to see at a glance where invoices are outstanding, and the amount you are owed. You can then send a simple reminder to the customer, encouraging them to pay their bill. Everything is done via Okappy so you have a recorded history of all communication, should you require it. Radar within Okappy, our specially designed tracking software, can help to save money too. For example if your customer has recorded your delivery as late, but the cause was something out of your control for example traffic delays, it can help you retain customers by being able to provide reasons, and hopefully avoid late delivery charges.

5) Improve Your Reputation

The little things, such as email invoices to your end customers, customised to suit the branding of your business, can portray a really professional and modern company image, that will encourage customers to do business with you again. It will improve your reputation with your workforce too, as they’ll be able to easily complete job sheets on the app, enabling them to log their hours, as well as any overtime, quickly and easily.

6) Improve Organisation

With job sheet software such as Okappy, you can feel confident that your paperwork is under control, helping you improve your level of organisation. We believe Okappy will save you at least one hour per day, that you might have spent chasing unpaid invoices or chasing job sheets whether for plumbers, electricians or other tradesmen. Being able to raise an invoice at the click of a button too, will also ensure you’re paid on time, so you really feel like you’re in control.

7) Improve Work Life Balance

All the above will help you do what you do best, run a successful business! It will also help improve your work life balance, as instead of spending every spare moment battling through paperwork, catching up with your team or chasing unpaid invoices, you can spend it doing whatever helps you switch off! Okappy isn’t just a piece of job management software, it will quickly become an invaluable tool to help you manage and grow your business!
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