Emails transformed the way we communicate, and though many argued they’d soon become redundant, it is still the most popular method of business communication. However when it comes to running a business, working with clients and contractors, it is often unreliable in an industry that demands instant communication. Here we cover issues you’ve encountered and how we, with our job management software, can help your business overcome them.

1) An important email has ended up in Spam...and you discover it a day too late

It might be an enquiry from a client that had the potential to lead to a new raft of work. They just need you to pop out and give them a quote in the next 5 days, and you find the email on the 6th day. We all get more and more emails every day, so email mailboxes compensate by doing a great job of filtering the stuff it thinks you don’t want to see. However, often new senders can get sent to junk, meaning you can be missing out on opportunities. Our job management software  makes sure you never miss a beat! Simply login with your details and you'll be able to see the status of your jobs in real-time, completed job details and invoices sent, received and outstanding.

2) Your invoice has ended up in your client’s inbox, but it gets lost amongst everything else

The average person receives around 140 emails every day, meaning that although we send out important correspondence, it gets lost in the sea of other communication. So when you send out an invoice to your client, expecting it to grab their attention immediately, more likely it gets pushed to the bottom of a file of more pressing matters. Through job management software like Okappy, invoices can be accessed quickly and easily by you, your customers or your subcontractors, by logging onto our platform, cutting through all the noise of email.

3) You’ve been away for a couple of days and return to find your inbox is full

Inevitably if we don’t tend to our inbox, it can get full pretty quickly! Inbox capacity is increasingly getting bigger and bigger, but if  your inbox fills up you might miss out on potential job offers and other correspondence from clients, giving a poor impression of your business. Our job management software is cloud-based, we look after the storage size and the security around the system on your behalf, allowing you to not miss out on any potential job opportunities and giving you peace of mind.

4) You’ve sent multiple invoices, and your client says they never received it

When you’ve forgotten to reply to some correspondence, it’s easy to blame it on your inbox and claim you never received it! You can send multiple invoices, and if your client isn’t ready to pay or if they are inundated with other emails, they may simply claim that they never received it. Equally, it takes the effort to open it and action it, and with a heavy workload, they simply might not have the time that day. Our job management software allows you to send invoices quickly and easily, you can tell when a client has viewed or printed their invoice, making them more inclined to pay, and giving them an easier way to do so.

5) You’re sending out a job to a contractor, and you need to know if they have time, but you have to wait for a response

Email seemed unbelievably fast when it was first launched, now, compared to instant messaging, seems impossibly slow. Gone are the days when someone is willing to wait for a response to an urgent email, they want to see that the message has been read and that the person is responding. Sending jobs out to contractors via email means sending the job, then waiting for a response before being sure that the job is being dealt with. Job management software allows you to allocate jobs to your contractors who can quickly accept them and keep you updated with the progress throughout. You can also send instant messages from our platform to your employees or customers, making communication even easier and simpler.
Email will always be an essential communication tool in the business world. However, if you’re willing to improve communication within your company, then job management software like Okappy would certainly help! You can find out more about us here.
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