Doing what you love makes working easier. However, even if you love your job, no day is the same and it’s not always easy to enjoy your work. So, how can you work day in, day out with the same enthusiasm? How can you keep your customers and employees happy? And how can you have more time for other activities?

Here are 10 Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier

1) Prioritise your tasks.

Doing things that take up a long time but provide little rewards should be avoided. Focus on your top tasks and avoid unproductive things which are not going to help you move forward.

2) Don’t over plan.

Planning is important. However, its too easy to spend all your time planning leaving no time to actually getting anything done.

3) Learn to manage Email.

Just reading all your emails can take up a large chunk of your day. But how many of the emails are actually important. If you deleted a chunk of emails would you be any worse off? Managing your emails better will free up time. Only look at emails at certain points in the day, use email filters to allow you to concentrate on the emails that matter and send quick replies with a follow up phone call rather than writing long essays.

4) Learn shortcuts.

Setting up auto-text on your mobile allows you to respond to office messages on the go. You do not need to type the entire thing every time while responding to messages.

5) Say “no” when necessary.

In addition to removing a few things from your ‘to-do’ list, saying “no” also becomes vital in the work place. Saying “no” conveys that you are capable enough to distinguish between work priorities, productive and unproductive work.

6) Question what is not clear.

Question the things that you are not sure about. Getting on the same wave length with your customer will help ensure tasks are done quickly and efficiently without having to come back to problems and disputes later.

7) Keep communication open.

The way you interact or communicate with people defines how smoothly you can manage your work. Hence, maintain professionalism, yet build personal rapport with colleagues, customers and subcontractors. Keep all your communications clear to avoid any misunderstandings.

8) Delegate work.

Have a long list of tasks? Make it easier by delegating. Also consider the longer term, it may take a a bit longer initially to train a colleague but could pay big dividends in the long run whilst also improving their morale.

9) Don’t stress.

You cannot maintain the same level of energy every day and for every task. Enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss and allow time to rest, recuperate and think about your business.

10) Get organized.

The key to make your work easier is organizing everything- from your desktop to Email inbox, and from interactions with colleagues to meetings!

How Can Okappy Job Management Help

Okappy cannot help in all aspects of your business. However, Okappy can help improve communication, help you delegate your jobs and ensure you are organised.

With Okappy Job management you can allocate jobs to your employees and subcontractors and see the status as the jobs are completed. Key information is automatically recorded meaning less potential for disputes with clients. You can also improve communication via instant messaging between your computer and your employees and subcontractors mobile telephones.

Find out more about Okappy Job Management and how it can help make your work day easier and Be Okappy!

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