We wrote an article, featured in Fresh Business Thinking, where we share the five essential characteristics of a startup founder. 

A startup founder plays the most vital part in the startup’s success. The founder’s characteristics are of equal importance to a good idea, seed funding or even a mentor. The responsibility of decision making, driving day to day operation and keeping track of the market lies with the startup founder. As the Dalai Lama puts it “A genuine change must first come from within the individual, only then can he or she attempt to make a significant contribution to humanity.”  In my experience of building my own startups, in order for them to be successful, I’ve found that It is imperative to pay close attention to developing the key characteristics outlined below.
- Felxibility
- A Thirst For Knowledge
- "No Task Is Too Great" Mindset
- A Relationship Builder
- Unbreakable Resilience
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