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Keeping information within the office

Restricting sensitive information to the office

If you want to have information available to the office staff and not your engineers, you can do this using a column on your dashboard which is not included in your jobs templates.

You can view and edit information on the job dashboard without it being displayed in the job details. This also means it is not available  to your engineers on their mobile phones.

This is particularly useful if you are adding cost or pricing information post job completion. This information would show up in the previous jobs for customer or previous jobs  for site address or if your engineer searched for a job.

Although the job search for a standard user will only show their jobs, and the historic jobs can be restricted, there might still be a need to ensure that commercial sensitive information is not available.

Click on "Settings" on the top left of the job dashboard and select "Change page layout."

Tick the additional columns that you would like to add to your job dashboard. If they're not in a  job template, they won't appear on the engineer's job sheets.

To edit the information in the private fields, hover over it and click on the pencil icon to add your details.

These fields can be used to add private reminders or references for the administrator relating to the job.

You can also have the field pick up automatically when you raise your invoice.