View the latest location and traffic condition

View the latest location and traffic condition

If you've got a customer ringing asking why one of your engineers has not arrived, rather than having to call the engineer to try and find out where they are, you can simply use the Okappy Radar screen to see their latest location.

If they're are stuck in traffic, you know instantly. Just click on the traffic button at the top right of the map to view the latest traffic conditions around your engineers current location.

No more "I'm 10 minutes away" only to have to ring again half an hour later when they have still not arrived.

You can also see all the latest UK traffic alerts by clicking on the alerts icon on the side of the screen and then 'Latest traffic alerts'. Traffic alerts provided by AutoAlert GPS Tracking and the Highways Agency.

If you don't have an account with Okappy don't worry, you can still view the latest traffic alerts at the AutoAlert UK Traffic Alerts page.

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