View all your invoices raised from the invoices screen

View all your invoices raised from the invoices screen

With Okappy, you can view all the invoices you have raised on one screen.

To view your raised invoices, click the Invoices option on your tab bar, if enabled.  Then click the Raised button to show the invoices you have raised.

Note: To enable the invoices option in your tab bar, click on your name, click settings and then ensure the invoices option is ticked.

Here's the Invoices Screen that shows all the invoices that you have raised.

invoices raised screen

Clicking on the more icon ( 3 orange dots ) allows you to

  • View and edit your invoices
  • Preview your invoice as your customer will see it
  • Add documents or images to your invoice
  • Email the invoice to your customer or to another email address
  • View your invoices sent
  • Copy the invoice
  • Generate a PDF of the invoice (note: charges apply)
  • Archive the invoice
  • Mark the invoice as not exported 
  • Mark the invoice as paid
  • View change log - see all the changes to the invoice
  • Delete the invoice

If the invoice has been raised from a job, you can click on the job number to view the job details.

You can also see when the job was completed and the tax date of when the invoice was raised plus the net amount of the invoice and the VAT.

The next column shows whether you have printed the invoice.

The exported column shows whether you have exported the invoice to your accounting package.  To avoid duplication, you can only export the invoice once unless you mark the invoice as not exported.

The final column shows whether you have received payment for the invoice. Clicking the receive button updates the invoices to show that payment has been received. The button changes to a green tick ( Green tick ).

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