Checksheet types

Checksheet types

With Okappy, we have made it flexible and have tailored it for your needs with no extra cost. You can add check sheets to your job eg. checklist, risk assessment form, customer feedback form. You can also decide at which stage of your job to insert these check sheets eg. at the start of the job, after certain work is done or after the whole job is completed.

In working with our customers, we have found that depending on the type of industry, different check sheets are required and probably required at different stage of the job. eg. electricians may want to add work done and hours taken whereas an installer may want to add a lot more details around what kit was used.

Below will give you an idea how flexible Okappy is, a job management that works for you!

Check Sheet and Check Sheet Stage

1. Daily check sheet at the start of each day

A daily check sheet can be set up to be shown to your employees each day before any jobs are shown.

This is often used by transport companies who require their drivers to do a walk around inspection of their vehicles before they start work.

2. Check sheet at the start of each job

This check sheet is triggered once a date has been set for a job and before your employee or subcontractor has set the job to on site.

An example of a check sheet could include a risk assessment form that your employee needs to complete before going on site in order to ensure their safety. Alternatively it could be a list of checks they need to do before they start work.

3. Check sheet after work done

Once the job is complete, and your employee or subcontractor clicks the job complete button the work done check sheet is shown.

This can include fields such as work done, hours taken, equipment used and many more fields that suit your needs.

4. Check sheet after the job is done

Once the work done check sheet has been completed, a final check sheet can be shown if required. This is often used as a a way to collect customer feedback on the job.

Contact us to find out more about how you can create your own check sheets or see all other features of our innovative Job management software.