Project Description

Adding photos, videos, documents and signatures to a job

Attaching photos, videos, documents and capturing customer signatures is often crucial when updating a job. It can show what was done as well as before and after views.

What are the advantages of taking photos and capturing signatures?

1. By attaching photos before work is done, it helps to support and justify the amount of work and materials needed and more importantly to agree on the cost before work is carried out.

2. By attaching photos after work is done, it shows to customers the quality of work you’ve done and when it comes to sending them the invoice, the customers have all the information they need. Less chance of dispute and you will get paid quicker.

3. Another advantage of having images taken is that you can use them for your own marketing. You can often post these on social media platform like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest for your future prospective clients. Show off some of your good work.

4. Lastly, having your customers to sign and acknowledge the work done when you are on site, it reduces the chance of future disputes. Less disputes, quicker you get paid and better customer service.

With Okappy you can easily add photos, videos, documents and signatures to your jobs.  Read on to find out how.

Add images or videos to your job

From within the app,

  • go into the job

ios job details

  • Click the plus icon towards the top right of the screen

ios add image

  • Click Add ima