Project Description

Sending alerts to all your team

With Okappy you can add alerts which gets sent to all members of your team. To add alert follow these steps

When logged in the on web, from any screen,

  • Click the Alerts icon towards towards the top right of the screen

jobs dashboard

  • The messaging and alerts window will be shown

alerts screen updated

  • Select Alerts if it is not already shown to see your latest alerts
  • To add a new alert, click the +New alert button

add alert

  • Enter your alert message
  • Click the Send notification checkbox if you want a push notification to be sent to all registered devices

alerts screen

Receiving alerts on your mobile device

  • If the send notification checkbox has been clicked, all registered devices for your employees will receive a push notification
  • From within the app, click the Messages icon
  • There will be a message from your company. Click that message to see all your company alerts
iOS alerts screen

iOS alerts screen