Project Description

Raising draft invoices

One of our customers asked whether it would be possible to allow them to edit invoices once they’ve been raised from a job.  They were finding that, often, additional information that would need to be included in the invoice, such as a PO number, would arrive after the invoice was raised. Other times, they may need to add or edit an address.

The solution is to raise your invoices in Draft mode and then edit information such as the addresses, details or invoice amounts etc. at a later stage.

Once you’re happy with your draft invoice, click Submit to allow your customers to view your invoice straight from their own Okappy dashboard. Alternatively, you can email your invoice to them.

Read on for our quick guide about raising draft invoices, editing details and then submitting the finalised invoice so it can be exported and viewed by your customer.

Raise an invoice as draft

To raise a draft invoice,

Click the three dots menu ( Three dots icon ) next to the job you want to raise your invoice from

Note: In order to be able to raise an invoice, the job needs to be for a customer

Click Raise invoice

Raise an invoice from your job

The Raise invoice window will be shown

Raise invoice as draft

Tick the Raise as draft checkbox at the bottom of the modal to raise the invoice as draft


  • The system will remember the setting. So if you raise an invoice is draft the system will continue to raise invoices as draft until you uncheck the box.
  • Your customer will not be able to see the invoice until it has been submitted
  • The invoice can’t be exported until submitted

Viewing your invoice

To view the invoice, go to the Invoices screen.

All draft invoices are marked (Draft) in the column on the left.

To view or edit the invoice, click the three dots next to the invoice number.

Invoice options

From there you can select the Submit option to submit the invoice or, click View/edit to see the invoice details.

Submit invoice

You can then submit the invoice by clicking the Submit sales invoice button.

For further information

For further information search in our support pages or forum