Raise ad hoc invoices

Raise ad hoc invoices

With Okappy Job Management, you can raise an invoice for your customer once you have completed one of their jobs. You can also raise ad hoc invoices for a customer at any time.

Raise a Miscellaneous Invoice

To raise a miscellaneous invoice for a customer,

1) Click invoices if you have invoices enabled in your tab bar, or click Jobs to go to your jobs page and then press the Invoices button.

2) Click Raise miscellaneous invoice

The raise miscellaneous invoice dialog box will be shown.

3) Enter the details you want to appear on the invoice and click Raise.

The invoice will be immediately available in your customer's account. You can also email them a copy of the invoice or send a text message if you are concerned that the invoice may become overdue.

Copying an Existing Invoice

If you have invoices created already, then you can quickly copy an existing invoice.

Simply click the more icon ( 3 orange dots ) and then select Copy invoice.

The existing invoice details will be shown but with a new tax date.

You can then amend any of the details or raise it as is by clicking the Raise button.

Find out more about Okappy Job Management or check out our support centre for more information around exporting your invoices to Sage.