Project Description

Latest activity report

With Okappy, you can view the location of your engineers using the Okappy app or a gps tracking device.

Read on to see how to view the latest locations from all your devices.

Generate your latest activity report

To generate the latest activity report

  • Click Reports in the menu bar
  • Select Vehicles / devices
  • Click Latest activity

web reports latest activity

The report will be generated showing the following information

  • The time and date the message was received from the device
  • Device name
  • Whether the device is visible on the radar screen or not
  • The last location
  • The speed at the time the message was sent
  • Message type
  • The strength of the GPS signal
  • The devices power

You can also click on the arrow to view the activity report for that particular device

Further information

For further information about the reports you can generate from within Okappy, check the reports section of our support site.  Alternatively, check out the questions and answers in our forum.