Project Description

Input miscellaneous purchase invoices

With Okappy Job Management, you can input miscellaneous purchase invoices for a subcontractor / supplier at any time, then export the invoices to your accounting software such as Kashflow, Sage, Xero or Clearbooks.

Below is a step-by-step guide, showing you how to input a miscellaneous purchase invoice and then export it to Kashflow ( Kashflow icon ).

Input a Miscellaneous Purchase Invoice

1) Click Invoices.

Note: If the invoicing option is not enabled, simply click on your name at the top right of your browser, click Settings and then tick the checkbox next to Invoices.

2) Click Raise miscellaneous invoice

The raise miscellaneous invoice pop box will appear.

3) Enter the details you want to appear on the purchase invoice.

You can enter the same purchase invoice number invoice field as the one provided by your supplier.

Once you are happy with the details, click Raise invoice.

4) The purchase invoice will appear on your invoices screen. You can click on the invoice ID to view the final invoice.

Export the Purchase Invoice

1) Once you are ready to export the invoice, click More then Application settings to ensure the correct accounting package is ticked. (In this case, Kashflow ( Kashflow icon ).

Click Update defaults.

To export your invoice, click More, then Export to Kashflow (or whatever accounting package you have set up).

Import the Purchase Invoice into Kashflow

1) Log onto Kashflow. Go to Settings, Import Data then Import CSV Files

2) Enter your login details again and click Login.

Ensure the CSV checkbox is ticked, then click Ne