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Exporting your invoices into QuickBooks

With Okappy, you can easily export your invoices to external accounting packages such as Sage Line 50, Xero, Kashflow, Clearbooks and QuickBooks.

Check out our step-by-step guide to raising invoices once your jobs are complete and then exporting your invoices into QuickBooks ( Quickbooks and Okappy ).

Check your account settings

Ensure you have QuickBooks configured by going to the Invoices screen, click Invoice options and then Account settings.

Quickbooks account settings

Click the QuickBooks icon. (  )

Add items which can be selected when raising your invoices and then click Update defaults.

This will ensure the export file is in the correct for QuickBooks Accounts

Raise your invoice(s)

You can raise invoices for any jobs done for a customer.

To raise an invoice, click the three dots icon (  ) next to the relevant job id and click Raise invoice.

Raise invoice from three dots menu

The following pop up will appear.

Raise invoice screen

Information will automatically get picked up from your job (depending on your job template settings) although it can be changed if required.

  • Ensure the relevant fields are complete
  • Choose whether to raise the invoice as draft or not
  • Click Raise invoice.

The invoice will be created and can be viewed in your invoices screen.

If the invoice has been submitted (not draft) it will be also available in your connections invoice received screen.

Export your invoice(s) to QuickBooks

To export your invoices to QuickBooks,

  • go to the Invoices screen in Okappy,
  • click Invoice options,
  • click Export to QuickBooks

Export to Quickbooks from okappy

This will create your invoices file which will be saved down to your default downloads folder on your computer.

At this stage, you can open the file if you want to make any changes or leave the export file as is.

Quickbooks export file

Note: If you do not have any invoices to export, the option to export invoices will not be available in the pop up box.

Import your invoices(s) into QuickBooks

To import your invoices into QuickBooks, follow these steps from within QuickBooks

Click the Options icon, and select Import data.

Quickbooks settings import data

Select the data type you are importing. In this case we want to import Invoices.

Quickbooks import data types

Browse to the file you downloaded previously and click the checkboxes for Add new contacts / products (if required).

Quickbooks import data

Click Next.

Map the columns in Okappy to the relevant fields in QuickBooks.

Quickbooks field mapping

Map the tax type column in the Okappy download to the relevant tax type in QuickBooks.

Quickbooks vat codes mapping

Click Next.

A confirmation screen will be shown summarising what is going to be created in QuickBooks.

Quickbooks import data confirmation

Click Start import.

As long as there are no issues within QuickBooks, then the QuickBooks success screen should be shown.

Quickbooks import data success

You can then view your invoices from within QuickBooks by clicking Sales and then Invoices.

Quickbooks invoice screen

Check out our short video

Check out our short video which shows the process from raising an invoice from your job, through to exporting the invoice to QuickBooks – all in less than 90 seconds.

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