Project Description

Daily check sheets

Daily check sheets are shown to your engineers when they first log into their app each day.  As job details cannot be viewed until the check sheet has been completed, daily check sheets are ideal when you need a check to be done before your engineers start work i.e. a vehicle check or inspection.

Check sheets can have either a tick box (ticked is yes, not ticked is no) or a text field.  Text fields can be made mandatory if required.

iphone daily checksheet

Setting up your daily check sheet

1) From within the jobs page on Okappy,

  • Click Job options
  • Click Job Templates
  • Click Daily checksheet

setting up daily checksheets

The daily check sheet template builder will be displayed

2) You can add a header to your check sheet

  • Click Edit header
  • Click + Add field
  • Click where it says Insert text
  • Enter the details that you want to appear on the header.  You can add different sizes of text, images and spacer.
  • Repeat for each field that you want to appear.

You can also do the same for the footer.

3) To add your check sheet questions

  • Click + Add group (if required)
  • Enter a title for the group of questions
  • Click the checkbox to determine whether to show the title on the check sheet
  • Click the first field
  • Choose the field type. This could be a small, medium or large text field, a numeric field or a checkbox
  • Enter the question which will appear on the check sheet
  • Check whether you want the field to be mandatory or not
  • Repeat for each question

daily checksheet builder

  • Save the check sheet

Configuring which engineers see the daily check sheet

Once your daily check sheet has been set up, you can configure which engineers see it by

  • Clicking the Connections icon (  ),
  • choosing View connections, and then
  • selecting Employees.
  • select the relevant employee and click Settings
  • Tick the Complete daily check sheet checkbox

change employee settings