Project Description

Creating daily checksheets

With Okappy you can create your own daily check sheets which are displayed to your employees when they open their Okappy app each morning.

This could be a daily vehicle check which needs to be completed before the day’s jobs can be stared.

Read on to see how to create a daily check template, determine which employees will receive the check sheet and then view the completed check sheets.

Create a daily check sheet

To access the Daily checksheet builder from within the Okappy web portal,

  • Click your Profile icon towards the top right of the screen
  • Select System settings
  • Choose Job settings
  • Click Daily checksheet

Settings - Daily checksheets

The daily checksheet template builder will be displayed.

Daily checksheet builder

Setting up your daily checksheet within the checksheet builder

To add your check sheet questions

  • Click + Add group (if required)
  • Enter a title for the group of questions
  • Click the checkbox to determine whether to show the title on the check sheet
  • Click the first field
  • Choose the field type. This could be a small, medium or large text field, a numeric field or a checkbox
  • Enter the question which will appear on the check sheet
  • Check whether you want the field to be mandatory or not
  • Repeat for each question

Determining which employees see the daily checksheet

To turn daily checksheets on for an employee,

  • Click the Connections icon ( Connections icon ) towards the top right of the screen
  • Select Employees
  • Click the three dots menu ( Three dots icon ) next to the relevant employee
  • Click Employee settings
  • Check the Complete daily checksheet option

configuring daily checksheets

  • Press the Change employee settings button

The checksheet will show the each day when your employee opens their Okappy app.

Viewing completed daily checksheets

To view completed daily checksheets, use the Daily checksheet report.