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Connecting Your Okappy Account to Xero

Okappy and Xero work well together.  You can create your invoices in Okappy and automatically raise your invoices in Xero.

To connect to Xero, you first need to authorise Okappy with Xero.  This allows the two programmes to talk to each other without you having to share your login details.

Follow these steps to ensure your Okappy account is authorised with Xero.

Authorising your Okappy account with Xero

When you are logged into Okappy,

  • go to the invoices screen,
  • click Invoice options and then
  • click Account settings.

Okappy invoice account settings

Click the Xero checkbox

Xero Account Settings

The Xero settings screen will be shown.

Click Connect to Xero

Xero Account Settings

You will see a window asking whether you want to authorise your Okappy account with Xero.

Authorising Your Okappy Account With Xero

Click Authorise

You will be taken to Xero. If you’re not logged in already, then Xero will ask you to log in.

Xero Login Screen

Once logged into Xero, click Allow access to allow Okappy to request contact information and raise invoices within Xero.

Xero Connect To Your Company

You will then be taken back to Okappy where you can make any further changes to your Xero set-up such as how invoices are created in Xero and what your default payment terms are.

Okappy connected Xero

You can now start exporting your invoices to Xero.

For more information check out our support article – How to export your invoice to Xero accounts

Check out our How to Video

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