Project Description

Adding documents for a subcontractor

If you have lots of subcontractors, it’s often important to maintain documents such as certificates, plans or other files in one place which is secure and easily accessible.

With Okappy all your information is available at the touch of a button.  You can add documents, attachments and images to jobs and then quickly retrieve them when required.  Likewise you can store documents and attachments with each employees record.

Read on to find out how to add and view documents or attachments for your subcontractors.

Adding a document or attachment for your subcontractor

To add a document or attachment when logged into Okappy.

  • Go to the connections screen by clicking the Connections icon ( Connections icon ) at the top right of the screen
  • Select Subcontractors
  • Find your subcontractor
  • Click Add document

subcontractor add document

Click Browse or drag and drop your document or attachment into the Add file window

customer upload file

Your document or attachment will be added to your subcontractor’s record.

Viewing subcontractor documents from the subcontractors connections screen

To view documents which you’ve previously added for a subcontractor,

  • go to the Connections screen,
  • select Subcontractors.
  • Find your subcontractor, and then
  • click View documents

subcontractor view documents