Ad hoc messages report

Ad hoc (search for a message) report

You can send emails and messages from Okappy.  You can also generate a report for all messages containing a particular key word using the "Search for messages" report.

To generate a report based off a message search, follow the steps below.

Generate your ad hoc (search for messages) report

To generate a report of all jobs which contain a particular keyword

  • Click Reports in the menu bar
  • Click Messages and then Search for a messages
  • Add search text which could include the text from the subject field, description, destination telephone or email
  • Click Generate report
Reports generate search messages

Reports generate search messages

This will generate a report showing the date the message was sent, who it was sent to, the subject and whether it was delivered successfully or not. You can also view the details of the message by clicking the subject.

Reports view search messages

Reports view search messages

Further information

For further information about the reports you can generate from within Okappy, check the reports section of our support site.  Alternatively, check out the questions and answers in our forum.