Following customer feedback, we're excited to announce the launch of a number of features which will make it even easier to manage your workforce!

Editable fields on mobile

In the latest release, you will be able to make editable fields on your job sheet which can then be updated by your engineers. In the past, they wouldn't show on the mobile if they were empty. A small update, but one which should help a number of companies. These editable fields will now show up on the phones, even if the office doesn't have any information to add. This also makes it easier for subcontractors to approve work via the app! 

Invoicing improvements 

We've been working on a big update to the invoicing functionality including the ability to add more lines to your invoices, the introduction of change logs and the ability to pull down asset details from Xero.

Coming Soon...

All-day jobs on the calendar

We've improved the calendar so you can add all-day jobs. Once released, jobs which are set as "all-day jobs" will show in the bar at the top of the calendar rather than blocking out the whole day. 


We're currently testing a new feature which will allow you to add work and tasks to existing jobs rather than having to create a new job each time.

We always love to hear feedback from our community on new features or improvements to Okappy. Get in touch with us on live chat or why not give us a shout on our social media channels!

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