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However, if you have specific requirements or would like more configuration and support then implementation still doesn’t need to be difficult. And we can help.

Implement Okappy in under a week

Additional tips

Define your team

A good team is the key to a successful implementation. It’s good to have someone to lead and oversee, but don’t rely on one person to do everything.

Directors / Management

Management will have taken the ultimate decision to implement a new system. But for this implementation to be successful, their ongoing support will be critical. Often implementing a new system is a catalyst for wider change within the organisation.  Without the support of the Directors and managers, change will be difficult.

Office admin

The day to day users of the system will likely be a big factor on whether implementation will be successful or not. Ensure good communication with all members of the team, provide training and support and “sell the benefit” of how their day can be improved. From a reduction in paperwork, less duplication and less time spent chasing for job sheets, invoices or timesheets.

Be wary though that for some, change can be hard and there may be anxiety about what this change means for their position in the organisation.


Okappy integrates with leading financial accounting packages.  This can mean changes to your finance team’s work. It can mean streamlining their processes or having to learn a new system.  Again communication is key, talk to the team to understand what information they need and when. And see how the information they require can be pulled easily from your new workforce management system.


How your engineers work will also change.  This could be through a reduction in paperwork or by getting information back to the office in real time rather than at the end of the week.  Ensure your engineers are comfortable with the app and that their phone settings are configured correctly.  Again, selling the benefit is key.  Engineers might be worried about greater transparency or having to learn new systems.  Showing them how easy it is to use Okappy and how it can free them from paperwork and administration can help ensure a successful implementation.


How much resources are required to implement a new system will depend on you, your team and your existing processes.  Set-up and data entry often requires the most time and resources.  But, we’re here to help.  We can upload your customer details, set up your employees and add your subcontractors.  We can configure your job templates and invoices and even build a job history so you are up and running from day one.


Training is critical and should be planned into your implementation from the start.  Ensure everyone has access to training and that it is configured to meet each individuals needs. Okappy can help with training packages to suite your requirements.

Data migration

The key data requirements are your customer details, your employee details and subcontractor details. Jobs or site addresses can be added and invoices created.  Okappy’s configuration can encompass migration of data from your existing systems into Okappy so you are up and running in the quickest possible time.

Go live and roll out

Once you are up and running, do you roll out all at once or take a more gradual approach?

This will depend on you, the size of your business and your appetite for risk.  Sometimes the big bang approach works best and ensure you are up and running in the quickest time.  For others it’s easier to roll out to key individuals or key teams first.

Which ever route you are thinking to take, Okappy can provide help and support based on our experience of many different implementations.

What if something is not working?

Don’t panic. Iin the early days a certain bit of tweaking is often required. As you start using the system you might realise there are better ways to do things or that fields in your job sheets and check sheets are actually not required. Okappy’s configuration includes changes to templates and check sheets so you don’t need to worry that everything has to be perfect from day one.

Remember, you’ve invested in software to improve your business, streamline procedures and make efficiency gains. But software alone cannot make these changes, it requires your ongoing support to ensure a successful implementation.

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