Job cards are used in many in industries such as electrical contracting, plumbing and facilities management. They are used to send job details to workers out in the field and to get information back about the work done on each job.

In most cases, job cards are printed off, handed to an engineer and they have to then fill out the job card by hand once the job is complete - or days later.
No one likes doing admin, it takes up time which you could be using to grow your business and if information is missing or hard to read then this can lead to delays or errors when invoicing.

Okappy has been championing electronic job cards as a way to cut out paperwork, make life easier and above all cut the cost of admin or missing invoices.

But, what are electronic job cards?

An electronic job cards is simply a way to get rid of paper, replacing it with a form on a computer, tablet or mobile phone which can be filled out by you and your engineers.

Typically a job card will have two parts,

1) Details of the job including the address, contact details and any pertinent information about what work is required.
2) A work sheet which your engineer can complete with the details of what has been done.
Customers typically populate the details of the job with the customer address and telephone number along with any job details. They then allocate the jobs to their engineers or subcontractors.

The engineer can see their list of jobs on their phone and can simply click on the job to get more details. They can get directions and easily ring or text the customer.

Once the job is complete, the engineer can enter details of the work done and click complete.
That's it, no more duplicating information, no more chasing engineers to get your job cards back and no more missing, incomplete or ineligible information.

Benefits of electronic job cards

Instantaneous updates

As soon as you allocate your job to an engineer they can view the details on their phone, no more waiting around each morning to get their job cards, and no need to come back to the office if a new job comes in.
They can also update the job sheet at the click of a button, which not only means less admin for them, you also get to see the status of the job as its updated.

No more missing information

Trying to decipher handwritten information is often near impossible. This can be compounded if your engineer is busy or working in a difficult or dirty location. Information also gets forgotten, especially if you're job cards are filled out at the end of the week or even later.
This can lead to disputes with your customers, it can delay the raising of invoices or mean that you cannot invoice for the full amount of work done.

No more copying information from one piece of paper to another

Using electronic job sheet can mean an end to copying data from one piece of paper to another.
Once the details are in the system, job cards and invoices can be generated without having to copy and paste the details from one to another.

Ongoing improvements

Putting your information into electronic form also means that you can better analysis what work has been done over time. This may be required by particular customers but could also help you streamline and improve your business allowing you to better allocate resources and concentrate on the jobs that add the most to your bottom line.

No more missed invoices

One of the biggest differences our customers talk about is improvements to invoicing.
If job cards are delayed, or even worse, missed altogether then this can lead to delays or missing invoices.
By automating the process and putting job cards on your phone, you can raise your invoices as soon as your jobs are complete and automatically include the information required by your customer.

This ensures that invoices are not missed, it helps ensure they are correct and can speed up the time it takes for you to get your invoices out.
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