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Simply Signs Case Study

Simply Signs is a 15-year-old company providing digital printing and signage products. Their services start from a custom-made design right through to the final product installation. They offer nationwide services for a variety of industries including charities, government, commercial and private companies.

They provide an extensive range of signage for clients including outdoor banners, pavement signs, vinyl graphics, vehicle livery, flags and canvases. Each of these can be tailor-made to suit any customer requirement, budget and specification whilst using the latest machinery to ensure a quality product every time.

As the company expanded, they often felt that technology was moving at a pace they couldn’t keep up with. At the time, they were logging jobs on email print-outs and loose scraps of paper were also used to scribble down measurements and diagrams. These would often clutter up work surfaces and, worse still, go missing. In order to grow, they identified the need to replace this chaotic and often erratic system for a more sophisticated job management software.

Why did Simply Signs choose Okappy?

After sampling a few different job management software applications and systems, Simply Signs decided on Okappy. They were impressed by how simple and easy it was to use compared to others they had tried. The other systems were too industrial or technical for their needs. Initially, some of the older team members were concerned about adopting this new digital interface to manage jobs. They soon discovered that it was simple to learn how to use it; finding Okappy much easier than expected.

How are Simply Signs using Okappy to streamline their business and reduce costs?

Simply Signs use Okappy for surveying the internal production process, right from when an enquiry comes in through to the finished product. They will log an enquiry, send it over to the support team who will then respond with a quote. A live job will be created and sent over to the design and installation team. Each stage is monitored every step of the way. Fitters will often upload photos to jobs on Okappy to show what products look like on site.

With the archive feature, Simply Signs are able to easily come back to a job and access the details, such as specific measurements and particular laminates used for a print. This helps them find information quicker when repeating a job or when re-creating a similar product for a client.

Okappy is both simple and professional and miles better than the system we had going before! Everyone in the workshop has Okappy on their phones, so now everyone is kept in the loop of what’s going on. It’s dead easy to use!” – Tom, Senior Designer at Simply Signs.

How has Okappy benefitted their business?

I save at least an hour a day – easily!” says Tom.

Okappy has enabled Simply Signs to reduce the time spent performing administrative tasks. All the information is in one place and is much easier to locate with the new application. This has helped the company to maintain good customer relationships. They are able to process jobs much faster, especially with their returning customers, as information will have already been input and remembered. Simply Signs are now more aware of the organisational systems and practises in place throughout the workplace; positively impacting the general running of the business.

There is less stress and hassle in the workplace now. Even the office and workshop have become a nicer space to work in, with less clutter and paperwork filling up desk spaces!” – Tom, Senior Designer at Simply Signs.

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