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Landmark FM Case Study

Landmark FM is a multi-disciplined facilities management services provider offering clients consistent and high-quality standards of workmanship at cost-effective rates. We spoke to Jennifer, Engineering Helpdesk Manager at Landmark FM Ltd about how Okappy has helped the business.

Why did you choose Okappy?

“We discovered Okappy online whilst searching for different systems and came across an advertisement. We had been using the traditional paperwork format and wanted to look at an online system where we could incorporate all the different aspects of our roles and use one system to ensure all the information we required was in one place (engineering, planned maintenance and accounts).

We looked at a number of different systems but found that the majority were too complex and didn’t meet our specific needs. Okappy stood out as it appeared to be user-friendly and the Okappy staff were always available to assist if we had any questions”.

What were the problems experienced before you started using Okappy?

I think the main problem we experienced was the timescales of works. Jobs would be raised onto our system and then an email was sent out daily with the engineers’ work for the following day. Engineers would have to come into the office to hand in their reports, which were then entered manually into the system. Not only was this time-consuming, but it was hard to keep on top of and paperwork could easily be misplaced“.

What difference have you noticed before and after using Okappy?

“We have really noticed a difference in terms of real-time updates. The office staff are able to raise the jobs on the system with all the information uploaded that the engineer requires. The engineers are then able to see the jobs allocated to them ahead of time which helps them plan in advance.

Where we used to be waiting hours or days for paperwork, Okappy allows us to receive confirmation of job completion straight away. This has helped speed up our invoicing process and allowed us to update the clients promptly”.

How much time has it saved on average?

“Since using Okappy, it has saved a couple of hours every day. I used to have to type up every report, whereas now it is all electronic. I’m not having to chase the engineers every day to find out where the paperwork is or call them up constantly to get updates. It has made such a massive improvement”.

How else has Okappy benefitted your business?

I have found that the simplicity of the software has been a big advantage, a job typically comes in via phone or email, and it is then logged onto the system and is assigned to the relevant engineer/admin staff.  All updates can be added onto the one job which is seen by each member of staff who can see all the information and action the points accordingly. It has really helped streamline our processes“.

What’s the best thing about using Okappy?

I would say convenience. For the engineers, being able to fill out job sheets, holiday request forms etc. has really helped speed up processes. From the office perspective, we can view all the information entered from the engineers straight away and have better control over what is going on“.

What would your message be to anyone thinking about using Okappy?

Okappy has really helped us improve the way we work as a business; it is a great time saver not only for office staff but also for our engineers“.

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