As featured in Drain Trader Magazine

We were pleased to have been featured in the July 2016 issue of Drain Trader magazine. The article highlights the benefits of using job management software to help drainage companies better manage their work load.
Often, when we speak to prospects in the drainage industry, we find that they are always busy and struggling with time as business owners often wear multiple hats from day-to-day. They can have duties that range from being on site, executing installation or maintenance work (which most engineers enjoy), to sitting in the office or at home with piles of paperwork such as job sheets from their engineers which need to be input into their systems or files so they can raise invoices at the end of the month. (the less enjoyable part of the job!)
On top of this, the annoyance of having endless phone calls to chase employees or subcontractors, not knowing where your engineers are or being left in the dark about the status of your jobs can lead to anxiety and stress.  It's often an uphill struggle to get engineers to fill in job sheets correctly, and legibly.  This all leads to extra strain to you as a business owner and to your admin team.
The article in Drain Trader magazine discusses how job management software can offer a cost effective way to help alleviate some of these problems by taking care of day to day operations. The aim of all good job management software is to return time and control to the business owner so that you can focus on growing your business.
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