Being a tradesman is a special job, and it comes with many moments that you can only understand if you’re in the trade!

1) You think no-one in any other trade works as hard as you…

Tradesman banter - hard work

2) Your trade makes its way in to your dreams, and you wake up thinking you’re owed a couple of hours of labour…

Tradesman banter - dreams

3) You’ve had to go through the pain and torture of drinking a terrible cup of tea more times than you’d like to remember…

Tradesman banter - poor tea

4) You have a special bond with your tools, and nothing will come between you!

Tradesman banter - tools

5) You’ve walked in to a job and literally had no other words but WTF?

Tradesman banter - wtf

6) Having a captive audience whilst you work is simply part of the job.

Tradesman banter - audience

7) You could pinpoint on a map the location of every McDonald’s drive through in a five-mile radius.

Tradesman banter - McDonalds

8) Your reaction when you get a call on a weekend…

Tradesman banter - weekend calls

9) You have a ready prepared answer for the question “How’s business?”

Tradesman banter - how

10) No matter what the price you quote, and whatever deal you do, the reaction to the invoice is always the same…

Tradesman banter - invoice reaction

11) “My Uncle/Brother/Next Door Neighbour once did a plumbing course, and he thinks it’s this…”

Tradesman banter - my uncle the plumber

12) You’ve played a joke on a fellow tradesman that went way too far…

Tradesman banter - joking with fellow tradesmen

13) But hey you’re a tradesman, and sometimes you’re allowed an off day!

Tradesman banter - days off

Hope you had a good giggle!
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