We've now completed our fund raising round.  We raised a total of £251,000 from 12 investors, 2 of which invested in our previous round.  This gives us 18 months run-way during which time we aim to raise awareness of Okappy, increase revenues, demonstrate traction and put in place the foundations for dramatically accelerated growth over the longer term.
We have an exciting opportunity with our B2B Communications and Collaboration platform.  We're already helping a lot of companies re-think how they manage their day-to-day work and are generating a lot of interest from a wide cross section of business across a number of different countries.
Follow our progress on Twitter or connect with us on AngelsList.

31th May, 2017 - Almost there.

We now have over £220,000 committed towards our  minimum target of £250,000.

31st May 2017, Paradigm Talks.

We pitched to a room full of Venture Capitalists and private investors at the Paradigm Talks event, 31st May 2017 at 6pm in Devonshire Square, London.

25th May, 2017. 82% raised

Okappy investment - almost there!
With 2 new angel investors signing up this week, we're almost there.  We now have over £200,000 committed towards our  minimum target of £250,000.  We're also having conversation with a number of British Business Bank backed Angel Co-investment funds.  They have been set up to help innovative tech companies like ours raising seed finance and typically provide match funding which will allow us to hit our target of £500,000.

20th May 2017 China Business Forum

China Business Forum
We showcased Okappy at the London Business School China Business Forum, one of the largest China-focused conferences held in Europe.  It was a great opportunity to meet Chinese businesses, Investors, Students and Policy Leaders and to share information about our innovative communication platform.
Gerry pitched at the event to a packed room.  We also ran a "competition" which provided an excellent opportunity to show our platform working.
Check out some of the photos from the event...

London Business School China Business Forum

London Business School China Business Forum

Okappy Stand At LBS CBF

Okappy Stand At The London Business School China Business Forum

Cup Cakes Went Down A Storm

Cup Cakes Went Down A Storm at LBS China Business Forum

Cup Cakes Went Down A Storm
Awaiting Gerrys Pitch

Awaiting Gerrys Pitch At The London Business School China Business Forum

Unfortunately we didn't get any photos of Gerry doing her pitch as Richard was busy demoing the platform in the Tech Demo Room.  If you have any photos please get in touch.
Find out more on our Chinese Business Forum event page.

18th May 2017

Okappy in the Telegraph
Richard Harris, our founder was featured in the UK Telegraph writing about his experience of Zero hours contracts and how he used them to help launch 2 startups including Okappy.

17-18th May 2017

The Business Show 2017
We presented our investment pitch at the "Pitching Theatre" in the 2017 Business Show, ExCel on Wednesday 17th 12:15pm.
Our pitch was for 10 minutes and covered the following:

  • The history of Okappy and the problem we're solving
  • A description of our innovative communications platform
  • Where we are now
  • What we're looking for, our valuation and how we will use the funds
  • How we make money
  • Our competition
  • And the team

The pitch went well, we had some good questions and got interest from a number of angels after the show which we'll be following up with over the next few days. Check out our business show page for more information and see some of the photos from the show below.
We even got mentioned on Twitter as the highlight of the event!
Okappy - the best thing at the 2017 Business Show

10 minutes before our crowdfunding pitch

Preparing to pitch at the 2017 Business Show

Gerry pitching the benefits of the Okappy network

Richard fielding questions from investors

The audience of investors, startups and the general public

Richard and Gerry pitching at the Business Show 2017
Richard and Gerry pitching at the Business Show 2017

16th May 2017

Okappy was featured in Tech City News
Our press release was published in Tech City News leading to lots of interest and links back to our site.

10th May 2017

More pledges received... Thank you.
37 percent funded

9th May 2017

Angel Investment Network
Check out our profile on the Angel Investment Network.  The Angel Investment Network is the largest UK network of business angels.  It seeks to connect exciting UK businesses such as Okappy with angel investment.

5th May 2017

InEn Global
Check out our profile on the InEN global platform.   The InEn Global platform aims to build trust and relationships between exciting UK entrepreneurs and business angels.

4th May 2017

More pledges received... Thank you.
We've also been accepted by Startup Funding Club so look forward to pitching to their Angels and High Network Individuals soon.
34% raised

Startup Funding Club, 3rd May 2017

We've been selected to pitch at the Startup Funding Club on the 3rd May.
Startup Funding Club (SFC) was formed in 2012 to plug the help start-ups in the UK access seed funding through an eco-system of entrepreneurs and investors. SFC have experience in advising SEIS funds, managing angel investment networks and sourcing overseas investment for early stage companies. In July 2016, SFC was awarded the “Lead Angel Syndicate of the Year” by the UK British Angels Association (UKBAA).
Wish us luck!

28th April 2017

It was a nice end to the week as another investor came on board.

31-percent funded

Okappy has now raised 31% on Angels Den towards its target of £500,000

Pitch my wallet event, 20th April 2017

Okappy was invited to pitch at the #PitchMyWallet event in the heart of London's Silicon Roundabout on Thursday 20th April 2017.
Competition to pitch was intense.  We were 1 of only 4 companies invited out of a total of more than 40 applications.  We had 5 minutes to pitch to a panel of investors from Oxford Capital Partners, Talis Capital, Forward Partners, AngelsCube and Wayra as well as to a packed room of investors and entrepreneurs followed by questions and answers.
We were the first to pitch, it went well and we received a lot of interest in our "market network" from VCs, high net worth individuals as well as some other startups who were interested in using Okappy as the "back end" for their own products.

Pitch my wallet event - before

Pitch my wallet event - before the event

Okappy pitches Frog valley pitch my wallet event

Okappy pitching to a room full of investors

Pitch my wallet event - after

Pitch my wallet event - networking after the event

Check out our latest press coverage, 18th April 2017

ECN - Electrical Contracting News logo
Check out the coverage of our seed funding round in Electrical Contracting News (ECN).

Networking with funders event, 11th April 2017

Last night Gerry and I were invited to present at the Networking with Funders event in WeWork, Moorgate.  There was two companies presenting and 6 funders including Episode 1, ICAEW, Angels Network.  We had 3 minutes to wow the packed room with our pitch.
The pitch went well, we got some good feedback and met some interesting investors.
Check out some before and after shots from the event.

Networking for funders event

Okappy getting set up for the Networking with funders event.

Introduction to Okappy

Getting ready for our pitch....  introduction to Okappy.

Pitching at the Networking for funders event

Networking with funders event - the actual pitch

Winding down after the Networking for Funders event.

Winding down after the Networking for Funders event.

Woo hoo, we've got our first investments, 10th April 2017

Nice, we've got our two first investors who have committed to our campaign today.   We're 21% of the way there...

We're live on Angels Den, 10th April 2017

We're pleased to announce, that we're now live on Angels Den.  We have our lead investor and have sorted all the legals.  Check out our Angels Den funding page.

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