Clemlec Ltd Case Study

Clemlec Ltd are an electrical contractor company providing electricians to London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex, working across the commercial and domestic sectors. As a company they greatly value the importance of completing projects on time and on budget. Since its inception in 2004, the business has grown from a one-man band to having fourteen members of staff and continues to expand. We spoke to Brook Clements to find out more about their experience with using Okappy.

Making the Jump to Digital Workforce Management

“We found out about Okappy through another contractor firm that the office deals with. They were connected on Okappy and so we started looking into it. We were completely paper-based before. We had to do everything ourselves – even making up our own job numbers on job sheets and invoices. We knew that in order to progress and move on we had to implement a management system. As the volume of jobs started to increase as we grew it was becoming harder to track all of it. Moving over to Okappy really helps with that.
Adding all our clients was very straightforward. We had one of the Okappy team members come out to give us all an introduction to it all which was very helpful. We didn’t know what we were doing before having that, but it only took a week or so to get completely up and running. Once we understood how easy the system was it took the pressure off.”

Better Efficiency and Improved Cash-flow

“Time-wise, we probably save about two hours a day. Getting invoices done there and then has been revolutionary for us. We can now get a job done, mark it as completed on the system and get an invoice sent off straight away. The job numbers on the reports makes it really easy to invoice. Quicker invoicing also means better cash flow!”

Business Expansion

“We’ve been with Okappy for about two years and in that time  we’ve seen tremendous growth in our business. We’ve taken on more staff, more work is coming in and the time is takes from starting a job to completing it is much quicker! We have 5 new recruits and various new clients including housing associations. This is also down to having a lot more free time to go and speak to new clients. We now have a budget for online advertising too, which is something we weren’t able to do before. That’s all because of more revenues and being able to pool more resources into the advertising now because of an increased efficiency in the way we work.”

Collaborating With The Network

“We have all our clients set-up on the system with all of their contacts. Using the Okappy network means less copying and pasting from one system to another. It’s perfect for us! For anyone that is considering trying out the system all I have to say is to 100% do it! It saves you so much time!”

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