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Completed job not dropping off the iPad


Good Afternoon


One of our directors is experiencing issues with his ipad updating, he has already spoken regarding this matter with jobs not updating but today has experienced the same issue with our vehicle check list.  The ipad does not show the job as completed even though the dashboard has updated as you can see in this screen shot from the ipad showing the job can be completed but gives an error when trying to complete.



The ipad was connected to fibre optic wifi and as you can see has 4g with 3bars when the screen shot was sent.



This happens when the device cannot remove the job from its memory, normally because the iPad is trying to do something else at the same time.  The update will have been sent hence why you can see it and the job will clear eventually when new job updates are received by the iPad.
You could also force the app to update by clicking the Okappy icon > More and then reset app