Manage Your Jobs With Okappy

Water hygiene and water treatment companies collect large amounts of data on site. From legionella risk assessments to temperature monitoring and tank inspections, Okappy can centralise all of this data into a single system.

Simple Job Management

Okappy can schedule all of your regular site visits to make sure that you meet your service levels. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly visits to carry out tasks such as temperature monitoring, clean and chlorination or tank inspection visits, Okappy can plan all of the work and makes it simple and easy to see what is outstanding.

Streamlined Job Management

You can create your own workflows for the water hygiene industry including legionella risk assessment forms, tank inspections sheets, temperature monitoring as well as clean and chlorination forms. Our mobile app also captures photos, signatures and chemicals used on jobs. Your engineers will be able to capture data on site quickly and easily and while it’s still fresh in their minds.

Join The Network

With Okappy’s unique network, your customer can even log on, send you jobs and view powerful reports without having to chase you for paperwork. Whether your client’s are facilities management companies, universities, schools or hospitals, Okappy makes managing your work simple and easy.

“It’s not just me that can see what’s going on, my customers can also monitor proceedings as they happen. It reduces the amount of people ringing me for updates on each job and I come across as more professional.”
“We can always see what is going on with each job at a glance. We get job information back straight away but I always have the option to change it if I need to.”