Manage Your Jobs With Okappy

Whether you provide heating, air conditioning or refrigeration services to your customers you need a service management system that can give you the freedom to grow your business. As a HVACR contractor, you are responsible for installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of business critical equipment. It’s important that your service operation is managed as efficiently as possible.

Streamlined Job Management

HVACR companies need a world class planned maintenance scheduler in order to manage your jobs in the most efficient manner. Okappy allows you to easily create a job and allocate it to your engineer. You can see exactly what is happening as it happens, so no more late or missed jobs.

Easy To Use

Empower your mobile engineers by putting all the information they need in the palm of their hands in a simple and easy to use app.  They can even see the full site history, including photos so they can get to the heart of the problem quickly. Send jobs to your subcontractors or engineers with the click of a button. Get rid of paperwork and ensure you’re invoices are raised as soon as the job is complete.


With Okappy’s unique network, your customer can even log on, send you jobs and view powerful reports without having to chase you for paperwork. Whether your client’s are Social Housing organisations, Councils or Lettings Agents, Okappy makes managing your work easy.  If you require integration we have expertise in building links to your customer’s own software systems.

“I used to Spend a lot of time tracing engineers and surveyors and trying to grab hold of different types of paperwork which may or may not be in their folders! Okappy has been a life-saver in terms of tracing information!”
“Previously job sheets would just sit in the vans for weeks! Now we get real time update of the job status and all the information is available to us.”
Zac, Project Engineer, Kingswood Cooling Solutions Ltd.