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Connect with your field engineers, subcontractors and customers on one simple cloud based job management system. Facilities management companies often find themselves processing a large number of low value jobs. Efficient job scheduling and dispatch to remote workforce, whether an employee or subcontractor, is imperative. Real-time visibility of job status upon allocation is also crucial for the back office to keep up to date and to keep customers happy.

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Simple Job Scheduling

Allocate jobs to your engineers or subcontractors using Okappy’s simple workflow. Keep track of your remote workforce with the smartphone app. Jobs can be deployed instantly to engineers out on site. You can stay paperless whilst sending and receiving images, videos and signatures with Okappy’s web app and smartphone app that works on both Android and iOS.

Improve Communication

Add value to your FM services with improved customer communications. FM not only needs great communication as a base to build from, but this approach also needs to filter up and down the chain of workers in FM to create solid interpersonal links. With Okappy you can seamlessly connect with subcontractors down the chain, which is fundamental to the development of good business practice.

Grow Your Business

FM service providers need a job management system that can give them the freedom to grow your business. Facilities Managers are responsible for overseeing installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance of business critical equipment. Okappy enables FM service operations to be managed as efficiently as possible and frees up more time to concentrate on growing the business.

“If I was off on annual leave for two weeks it’s easy for someone else to pick up and take over. If someone is out of the office on a certain day for instance, the information is still there and accessible. It makes our work a whole lot easier!” 
Ellie Creay, Climate Control Administrator, All Seasons
It’s making my work 10X easier. Bang, click, I can see who was there and what got done. It’s ideal for me. Brilliant.”
Lee Brown, Services Manager, BEC Perimeter Security
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