A job management platform for Housing Associations

The Problem

We all know that Housing Associations are faced with ever-increasing demands for greater transparency, improved efficiency and reduced costs. In addition they usually have complex requirements with a number of subcontractors involved in the work. Contract management is very important, however once a subcontractor is approved and on the system, it’s difficult to check the work they do and measure the efficiency they promised in their contract.

How Okappy helps Housing Associations:

  • Okappy helps Housing associations monitor their subcontractors
  • Different departments can enter jobs quickly and easily
  • Jobs can be allocated internally to different subcontractors or by an external contractor
  • The status of any job is updated in real time, so the Housing association can easily track the work being done
  • Automatically generated reports allow the Housing association to check the performance of each subcontractor and ensure they are delivering as expected
  • Information can be made available on the Housing association's own website to allow residents to send in jobs and review their status
  • Saves administration costs and manpower

The result!

Using Okappy saves time, cost and administration for busy Housing associations. It provides them with greater transparency with the hundreds or even thousands of different subcontractors they use, and passes that same transparency on to their residents. All in all it means the Housing association can work more effectively with their subcontractors, ensuring work is carried out efficiently and on time.

More examples

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