What Do People Believe Makes the Perfect Plumber?

If you’re wondering what your customers expect from your service, then keep reading. We believe that we can help you to refine your plumbing services and improve them to become the perfect plumber for your customers. So what actually makes a perfect plumber? Ultimately the answer is a plumber that can do a good job, but what do people actually think?

Tradesmen and plumbers, like yourself, have come in for some stick in the last few years. There have been many case studies and video footage showing bad tradesmen across the internet and TV. Watchdog is well-known for its enjoyment in revealing tradesmen who you shouldn’t trust, and this understandably causes concern amongst many people. We know that a lot of tradesmen are honest men or women who have gained years of experience and have been providing customers in their local area with a brilliant service; but some people don’t. Plumbers should be knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy and expert, but what do other people consider to be the most imperative attribute?

Bathroom manufacturers Bristan, have publicly released a survey that they conducted, and their results provide us with a greater range of information. Having the right qualifications and education is undoubtedly key, but just under 65% of people feel that keeping up to date on legislative changes was a requirement that sets good plumber engineers apart from the rest.

Followed by this point, 8% of people said that being able to understand smart tech was important, whilst 7% said that staying on top of new product technology was key. Another 7% felt that being able to work quickly was significant too. We all know that when you are providing a service you need to be approachable and have good communication skills. This is why just over two in five people considered good people skills important, more so than the 34% of respondents who say that the plumber having pride for the task in hand was significant.

We consider these results to be relevant and shared by many. I’m sure we’re in agreement that you, as a plumber, should possess the following abilities. To keep up to date on legislations, work quickly, understand and own the latest technology, have good people skill and be passionate about what you do.

How do customers find a good quality plumber in your local area?

Now that we know what is considered to be the perfect plumber, how do people generally go about picking out these trusted experts within the plumbing industry? There are a number of ways to ensure that a plumber used will be a plumber who holds the right qualifications, is up to date on the latest legislations and will provide an expert service. This section will be important for you so that you can then work towards expanding your customer network.

It’s known that a great way to find a trusted plumber is from recommendation from your family and friends. This way a customer will then know that a plumber is not only legitimate, but will also have the relevant knowledge and equipment to help you rectify any problem.

Nowadays though one of the most common and effective ways of finding a perfectly good plumber is by using the power of the internet. There are endless amounts of websites and blogs that are specialised in recommending trusted plumbers up and down the UK. Many people already know that doing their research is key, which is why a lot of people check the credentials of a plumber before ever committing or handing over any money for their services. Which we can agree is fair. This is why you need to ensure that you do have a good online reputation from honest customers.

There are many local authorities who operate their very own 'trusted trading schemes' and construct lists of the most trusted tradesmen in local areas. The tradesmen that are included in these schemes are not only plumbers but also electricians, roofers and builders. To see an example of this service, you can visit the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website and view their Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS). This should be an aim of yours, to feature on these type of websites. If you want to be recognised as a trusted trader in your local area, work towards this. Click here to be directed to the website and find out more about this scheme.

Another trusted website is the consumer organisation Which? Local. The tradesmen have all been reviewed and rated by Which? Members only. All the posts and reviews are all verified for authenticity, meaning that each review is 100% honest and reliable feedback. Here’s the difficult part of featuring on the Which? Website though - Businesses featuring on the Which? website have not asked to feature on the website. Businesses cannot request or pay to be listed on the website, they must receive a Which? Member recommendation to be listed.

With over 77,000 businesses and over 400 different business categories, there's plenty of choice for you when it comes down to finding the best tradesmen across the UK. So try and work hard to get on there. There are many other specialised tradesmen websites including TrustMark, RatedPeople, Trustatrader.com and Checkatrade.com that you can also take a look at too.

Are there steps that my potential customers are advised to follow in finding a good quote and a trusted plumber?

We believe that extensive planning and research is the most encouraged aspect to finding a good plumber. People are taught to be specific and have a clear brief and aim when calling around to businesses requesting quotes. They want to seem confident and knowledgeable about your line of work. So even if customers seem harsh and critical, it’s because they want to trust that you are one of the good plumbers.

What people love most is honesty. They will most likely be encouraged to ask for a detailed and written quotation, with the start and finish times of a job; as well as an agreed payment amount. This is a great opportunity for you to impress them with a good and reliable quote, and gain their trust.

They most likely will not agree to the service straightaway, simply because they will need to conduct research about you and your company. This is why we feel it’s important for you to gain an online presence. They will most likely look for previous work you’ve done through trusted tradesmen websites.

People won’t always trust or use the cheapest option. You can quote fairly, and with the company of a positive online presence, they’ll be more than happy to use you. An important point we’ve found is to always ensure that you speak about VAT with any quote. They are often advised to clarify up front whether you are a VAT registered tradesman or company, and whether you will charge them VAT. Just be honest and up front, after all VAT is usually added on any service or product.

Customers are also advised to be wary of companies who provide mobile phone numbers as their point of contact. Although mobiles are generally utilised to ensure that a plumber can be contacted at all times (after all you are very busy people), customers will find this suspicious if you don’t have a landline number. They are recommended to find firms that are well established and provide both an office address and a landline number.

We know that there are thousands of plumbers out there who can be trusted. We know that many plumbers have earned an honest living with their professional and expert plumbing mind, but it is understandable that some people are wary as people only want the best.

If you’re a trusted plumber and you consider yourself to be a perfect plumber, then consider what we’ve said. Get out there and provide the struggling people in your local area with a trusted plumber and a perfect service.

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