Ways to Keep Your Technology Safe On Site

We often take for granted the technology we use day-to-day as electricians, plumbers or field workers, however we’re carrying a serious amount of money with us everyday! To help keep your technology safe, here are a few tips from Okappy:

Get Insured

Often when we buy a new piece of technology the already hefty price puts us off buying insurance! However if you’re carrying your phone with you, and you’re picking it up and putting it down, unfortunately it’s only a matter of time, before it gets left behind, or seriously damaged. Also if you’re working on a site that a lot of different people have access to, your technology may be a little exposed. There are a number of different providers such as AXA who offers reasonable deals for technology insurance. You need to check what the insurance policy covers you for, for example if you’re a plumber, you know you’ll come in to contact with water regularly, so you’ll need to make sure that your insurance policy covers you for water damage.

Use a Tracking Feature

Apple uses ‘Find my iPhone’ and there are a number of different options on an Android phone and other devices to help you track your device if you lose it. When you’re moving from site to site, it’s easy to leave things behind so ensure you have a tracking device downloaded and registered on your phone or tablet, so in the event that you lose the device you can quickly track it down! Find My iPhone also allows you to block the device if you feel it may have got in to the wrong hands, allowing you to protect your data.

Buy Good Accessories

It’s important that the case you buy to protect your technology is sturdy too. If it’s an iPad or tablet then make sure the case covers both the back of the screen and the front, in case you drop it or it comes in to contact with any substances during your work. Also consider how you carry your device and whether it’s the most effective way. There are a number of different holsters and belt fittings to accommodate your device, so it’s at hand when you need it, but also well protected. Griffin Technology specialises in protective casing and target electricians and field workers who need to keep their technology safe on site.

Password Protected

It seems like another obvious point but ensure your technology is always password protected. If you’re using job management software on your mobile for example, then you have everything you need at your fingertips, however you need to ensure that other people don’t! Using a password is just that extra level of cover, to make sure if your phone does fall in to the wrong hands, it can’t be easily accessed. Unfortunately, often you can’t avoid theft of your technology, however try not to make it too easier for the thief, by leaving technology lying around that can be accessed without the need of a password!
You know how important technology is to keep your business moving, especially if you use job management software, so make sure it’s well protected!
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