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Training and configuration

Once you've decided that you want to set up or change your workforce management platform, then you want to get the benefits as soon as possible.

Okappy prides itself on keeping its software simple and easy to use.  But we understand that moving to a new platform and changing your corporate processes can be daunting.

We therefore offer optional training and configuration to help smooth the on-boarding process and get up to speed as quickly as possible.


10 hours of configuration is available which can include
  • Import customers from your accounting package, other job management software or spreadsheet
  • Set up subcontractors
  • Build job history from an existing download
  • Add employees
  • Set up of upto 5 job templates and check sheets

Initial training

We offer initial training which can include the following
  • Overview of system to engineers and office staff
  • Confirm settings on engineers phones
  • Exercises to add, update and complete jobs
  • Raise invoices

Customers often find that training is a useful way to sell the benefit of workforce management to the whole organisation and create a "change mindset" across the team. It's also a chance to check settings on devices and answer any questions that you may have.

Advanced training

Advanced training is typically done after 3 months once you have a more in depth understanding of the Okappy platform.
It can be tailored to your specific requirements, but often includes a selection from the following:
  • Review of jobs screen usage
  • Tips for saving time
  • Introduction to other functionality i.e., calendar
  • New checksheets


  • Review invoicing usage
  • Auto archiving jobs
  • Review of accounting package usage and integration

Connections / customer database

  • Review of existing usage
  • Review connections


  • Introduction to messaging

Okappy apps

  • Review app usage
  • Tips and tricks


  • Review reports usage
  • Introduction to other reports
    • Locations
    • Jobs
    • Invoices
    • Other
  • Combining reports
  • Creating Excel templates


  • Review of tracking usage
  • Other tracking configurations
  • Other tracking options
    • Installed tracking devices
    • Portable tracking devices
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