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Kingswood Cooling Solutions Ltd

Interview with Zac, Project Engineer at Kingswood Cooling Solutions Ltd. 

1. Why did you start looking for a job management software?

At Kingswood Cooling Solutions, we wanted to have better control over what's going on with the jobs and want to be more efficient in what we do.  Also, we wanted to get rid of paper job sheets.

2. What is your favourite feature of Okappy?

Convenience - For the engineers  filling in the jobs sheets are now a lot quicker.  We don't need a pen and a pad to write out everything.  It's very easy on the app to fill in the details, take pictures and get customer signature.  It saves us a lot of time.  From the office perspective, we can view all the information entered from the engineers straight away and have better control over what's going on.

 3. What is the biggest benefit (or change) you have seen since using Okappy?

Time saving, previously job sheets would just sit in the vans for weeks before coming back to the office.  We then had to scan them and file them away.  Now we get real time update of the job status and all the information is available to us.


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