Manage Your Jobs With Okappy

Scheduling and transparency are important for Building Maintenance Contractors to ensure that reactive jobs are done within SLAs, and without disrupting previously planned maintenance. Okappy is a simple, easy to use platform for managing your jobs in the most efficient way. It gives your clients the reassurance that their business needs are being met.

Streamlined Job Management

Whether you're carrying out reactive maintenance or a scheduled visit, Okappy’s building management software can streamline your operations. Callouts can be easily logged and regular site visits for planned maintenance tasks can be set up in a few clicks.

Easy To Use

As every single job logged in Okappy has a unique number, it is easy to allocate work to your team via the simple drag and drop scheduler. They will get a push notification and you can see as soon as they have viewed the job.  


Your customer can even receive updates every step of the way using our unique network. What’s more, you can raise an invoice to your customer at the click of a button as soon as the job is complete. This means less disputes and a faster service.

“We are the go-to guys with the can-do attitude and Okappy has helped us deliver. We just pick up our smartphones and go - no paperwork needed. If you are going to do something, get the best software possible to do it.”

Aaron Hodgson, Hodgson & Sons

“We believe in hard graft and commitment to quality. For us, the benchmark of success is our customer’s satisfaction. Okappy has given us a more professional stamp and allowed us the time to really put the customer at the centre of what we do. Our clients are happier than ever!”

Will Craig , Hodgson & Sons