8 Tips for Recruiting Remote Workers You Can Trust

Recruiting staff you can trust is essential, however when you’re recruiting remote workers, it’s even more important. You’re trusting these staff members to work under their own steam and represent your business on a daily basis. You know how much damage one bad remote worker can make, so here are Okappy’s 8 tips for recruiting remote workers you can trust:

1) Give Yourself Time

Often when we start hiring for remote workers, it’s because work has suddenly increased, and normally that means we’re in a bit of a desperate situation! However you will definitely end up hiring the wrong people if you force yourself to rush in to a decision. Take time before you’ve even placed the advert to consider the kind of individual you’re looking for. Think about the level of experience you’d like them to have, the skills you’re hoping to see and personality fit that you think your business needs. Having this laid out in advance will really help you whittle down the applications and eventually find the right person.

2) Listen to Recommendations

If you have a great remote worker, who you have complete faith in, then you might want to ask them if they know anyone they could recommend. They may have worked with a great junior in the past, who is ready for the next step, or perhaps a more experienced staff member who is looking for regular work. When an employee recommends an individual for a role, they know their performance will reflect on them, so often you’ll find that you’ll discover great remote workers this way, as staff will only recommend the people they know will do a great job.

3) Consider a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies can be helpful if you choose the right one. Looking for a specialist, who recruits only in your remote, whether that be plumbing or transport and logistics for example, can be really beneficial as they’ll understand your marketplace and the trust you need in the people you hire. Building a long term relationship with a recruitment agency can be good, as they can quickly provide you with a relevant shortlist of candidates if you suddenly find yourself with a new contract or if one of your members of staff lets you down at the last minute.

4) Consider an Apprentice

It might be worth looking in to the option of an apprentice if you’re struggling to find the skills you need. Employing an apprentice and creating a role they can grow in to, is great for the apprentice as it gives them the chance to really start their career, and it’s good for you, as you can create a role that really fits the needs of your business. You can also get financial support from the government, so it could be worth looking in to, you can find out more here.

5) Ask Relevant Interview Questions

There are the questions you need to ask in an interview, the standard ones that everyone expects. However when you’re hiring remote workers you need to try and get to the bottom of how they operate. Questions such as “How do you make sure you’re always on time?”, “How do you deliver excellent service to your clients?”, or “What did you imagine an average day would be like in this job?”, will all help you understand the person more deeply, and see what they value in a role as well as the level of service they’ll offer to your customers. You might want to consider a task too. It could be something related to the job they’ll be doing to demonstrate and prove their knowledge or experience, or you might want to consider a personality test, which looks at their attitude and values.

6) Invite a Second Opinion

Throughout the process it can really help to get the second opinion of someone that you really trust. It might be that employee who represents your business well, or a fellow business owner whose opinion you really trust. Consider inviting them in towards the end of the process, so they’re seeing your shortlist with fresh eyes. Often if you have reservations, they can talk those through with you and offer a different perspective.

7) Follow Up On References and Background Checks

Once we make an offer, we feel like the job of recruitment is complete! However it’s essential that you request references, run background checks if applicable, and check the validity of qualifications they claim to have. There is nothing more powerful than recommendation, you know this when you work as a tradesmen. So when hiring remote workers, whether that be plumbers, electricians or technicians, this should be no different. Where possible try and speak to references on the phone, so you can probe a little if they identify any areas that cause you concern, and ask them if they would re-employ the candidate. If comments from the referee raise any alarm bells with you then question them with the successful applicant, so you can move on with confidence or retract the offer.

8) Trust Your Instincts

The bottom line is you need to trust your instincts. You know your business better than anyone, and you know who will succeed and who won’t. Even if someone seems ideal when you meet them, but you have reservations of whether they’ll be trustworthy, don’t ignore them! Consider meeting the candidate for a second interview to be sure they’re the right person or call them following the interview to discuss any reservations you have to allow them the opportunity to settle those concerns.
Recruiting remote workers you can trust can be a time-consuming process when you’re trying to run a business. However when you find that great individual, and they succeed in your business, it’ll all have been worth it.
Good Luck!
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